1960's Benrus Ultra-Deep 666 ft Compressor Dive Vintage Wristwatch

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Vintage Benrus  *  Ultra-Deep Dive Watch  *  Compressor  *  Huge Beautiful Crisp Clean "Unpolished" Stainless Steel Case  *  Near Perfect Original Dial  *  Service One Year Warranty

Brand/Manufacturer:      Benrus

Model:        Ultra-Deep

Ref./Serial/Year:      1970's

Case:        S.Steel  36.50x 42.50  mm

Bezel:         100 % Original Fantastic see pictures

Lug Width:     18mm

Band:              New Leather

Dial:         100% Original.  100% Beautiful

Movement:       Serviced and running perfectly in every way.

One Year Warranty

Return Policy:  All item descriptions and pictures are accurate and of the actual watch you are bidding on.

One Year Mechanical Warranty only on watches with warranty in the description

Warranty includes: watch keeps time to manufacturer standards, mainspring, gaskets and case structure, and all parts are original and/or as described above. 

Warranty dose does not include: crystal, crown, chrono pushers or damage by misuse (water damage, dropped, etc.)

Watches marked As-is, cannot be returned.  


 Some Information 

The term super compressor refers to a specific case sealing method that makes the case more watertight the deeper it travels underwater. Our Benrus has a classic 36mm case with dual crowns and a unique internal rotating dive bezel. The purpose behind this internal bezel was to avoid accidental rotation, a problem that divers had occasionally with the external rotating bezel. The design was found very useful for warm water divers and very inconvenient for cold water divers who used gloves. Unfortunately, the super compressor case was found to be no better at preventing water intrusion than other 1960's innovations, like screw down crowns and so on. Our Benrus comes with a maxi style dial, cathedral hands, with a 100% original case, 100% original dial, 100% original Bezel, fully serviced movement that's working perfectly, a 1-year warranty, and the peculiar 666 ft printed on the dial, something which may have been done to deliberately provoke people considering that 70% of the U.S. population in the 1970's was Christian.